Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Diaspora

Today, I was really set to join a training for call center agent in Makati. It starts 5 pm yet I was not able to go because I had the same pain in my left buttocks. I always feel it when I climb high places; it seems my veins there are coiling. This day, the pain is not bearable. I was crying out. Whatever massage I give myself, the pain won't disappear. Maybe I lack the exercise.

I missed the training today. I am not intending to be a call center agent. It was that I am vacant right now after my two month research ended. I have been writing all the same yet I dont know, everytime I open my computer, I feel boredom stikes me. This training I only aim at learning how to modulate my voice and project it.

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smplcv said...

So sad! well you need to treat this your self. I am from India and been helping many people to self heal themselfs ..I suggest you to practice meditation daily in the mornings. try this

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